Kongakut River

Arctic National Wildlife Refuge


The Jewel of the Arctic….

We flow north, down out of the Brooks Range, across a landscape so unfamiliar, to almost the Arctic Ocean. Wildlife abounds in this landscape of tundra and miniature flora. The river itself flows down out of the continental divide past jagged peaks and towers of mineral rich rock. The clear waters are filled with Arctic Char, grayling, and maybe a surprise sheefish. The Inupiaq name for the river translates to “deer pond.” As we float, Dall Sheep, Moose, families of Grizzlies, herds of Musk Ox, and the legendary Caribou Herd graze on the banks. At our cozy camps arctic hare, porcupines, and birds galore entertain us. The tundra makes for easy hiking, as we make stops along the river during the day to explore. This is the arctic, and an adventure of a lifetime!


2019 Scheduled Trips:

10 Days: June 14-23 June 26-July 5 Alternate dates available on Request $6200

This trip starts in Fairbanks and includes bush flights to the river put in and then back to Fairbanks.