A little history of Ouzel Expeditions


Ouzel Expeditions has been providing adventurous, remote river trips in Alaska since 1977. Over the years, a group of exceptionally talented, fun-loving, and hardworking guides have shared the rivers and landscape with guests. We love to fish. There’s something authentic about flying into a remote river, floating down by human power, building a campfire to cook a delicious meal, and sleeping cozy in a tent, that brings folks back year after year.

We like to travel too. To explore the wild areas still left untamed in this world. That’s what brought us to Kamchatka. Ouzel was the first western group that was invited there in the early 90’s. We shared our experience and equipment, they shared their local knowledge and cuisine. A great combination for an adventurous river trip.

We hope you will join us for an adventure! These rivers and the fishing never cease to amaze us, and we would love to share these unique places with you!