Aniakchak River

Aniakchak National Monument

fishing the Aniakchak.jpg

Aniakchak is truly a gem…

Listed as a National Wild and Scenic River, it is the least visited National Parks in the United States due to its remoteness. We start from the quaint fishing town of King Salmon and fly into a surreal lake in the crater itself. We spend several days hiking and exploring. We then proceed down the river through the famous “Gates” full of exciting rapids, littered with volcanic boulders. Looking up, the mountain sides are covered in fossils. The river slows to a float and we fish 27 miles down to the ocean where we are picked up by bush plane on the beach.


2019 Scheduled Trips:

10 Days: July 17-27, alternate dates available on request. Please contact us to arrange.

$6,500 includes bush flight to/from King Salmon to Aniakchak National Monument Crater and beach pickup.