Zhupanova River

7 Days  $6,850

    If you want to fish a legendary river in Kamchatka the Zhupanova is it.  We have been putting  fisherman on trophy Rainbows on the Zhupanava  since 1992.  It’s on most fly fishermen’s, “must fish list,” and for good reason.  

      If you have done your research on Kamchatka you have heard about the Zhupanova. It is truly one the best fly fishing rivers and it’s totally unique in all the world. There is no place else like the Zhupanova! We have caught rainbows up to 34 inches on this river.

       At Ouzel we operate differently. We are not in a race down stream. We can go an any pace we like. If the fishing is real good we can linger. Sometimes we only float 13 miles in a week. There are lots of camps on the Zhupanova. If we need to we can cover some miles down river to find the fish. We can float 100 miles in a week if we want. Our trips offer more time to stop and wade. Although the Zhupanova is a large river it offers excellent wading in many places. With our no constraints ability we can really fish out the best parts of the river.  

                “Thanks for putting together such a great trip Paul.  In reflection,

                 I can honestly say that that trip was the greatest adventure I’ve ever

                been a part of. Thank You!”  Jim Gillhespy  

Here is a pictures of Jim with another nice Rainbow! His group went for two full weeks on the Zhupanova. We floated the top two thirds of the river. There is still another week float below where we got out.

Here’s a video of our trips in Kamchatka with a lot of footage from the Zhupanova River.


Huge Trophy rainbows
   Above is Larry. He  caught five rainbows over 30 inches in 2015! Larry is already booked for 2 weeks in Kamchatka in 2018. Here’s an article from a magazine about that trip. Click here.


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Close-up of Scaley Fish
Kamchatka Rainbow 33 1/2 inches long from the Zhupanova River in Kamchatka


We can fly into any part of the Zhupanova. We can deliver you the best fishing locations at the best times.    The Zhupanova is long and we have fished all of it.  


Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 11.07.01 AM


Ouzel leaves no trace behind, and promises each fishing trip is a uniquely  different experience than the last.      

We take pride on our low impact, high adventure, float trips, and you will love them to.      


Screen Shot 2016-02-20 at 11.10.07 AM

 Click here to watch a video of fishing the Zhupanova River with Ouzel Expeditions!


Amazing Zhupanava bear viewing trip.

There are 6 species of Pacific Salmon in Russia. Arctic Char are present all summer. Kundzha (east Siberian Char) are great fighters and we’ve caught them here to over 50 pounds! Salmon arrival times vary from stream to stream but generally arrive the same time in Kamchatka as Alaska. Silvers arrive mid August and run through October. Chum Salmon run all season long. Sockeyes arrive in July and August. Pinks run early August through September, but only strong every other year.

Click here to see a short video slide show from our trips on the Zhupanova in 2017.

Ouzel – Kamchatka trip schedule runs Monday starting Monday:

July 16-23, July 23-30, July 30 -August 6, Aug 6-13, Aug 13 -20, Aug 20-27 and Aug 27– Sept. 3.

Schedule: Arrive in Anchorage and spend the night.
Monday at 7:30 am depart Anchorage on Yakutia Airlines. Arrive in Petropavlovsk Tuesday four hours later at 8:00 am after crossing the dateline. Get your bags and clear customs. We helicopter to the river and get fishing right away.
Monday: The last day you can fish till the helicopter gets there. As the chopper sets down in our final camp, you will have experienced the trip of a lifetime in Kamchatka! Helicopter back to Petropavlovsk. Your flight home is at 9:30 pm and you arrive 4 hours later back in Anchorage at 5:50 am Monday the same day after crossing the International Date Line.