Campsite and Purple Mountains

Togiak National Wildlife Refuge


Wilderness Float Trips out of Bethel.

If you want to float these rivers with option to fish here are the rivers we float.

Minimum 6 people.   Max 9 people

2017 Group discounts.  3  clients per boat 16 ft rafts.  

1-6 people    $4,450 per person  

7-9  people    $4,200  per person.  


Kanektok River:

July 6-13  (8 Days) 

 Good for Birding, wildlife viewing   

 September 4-11  (9 Days)

Possible northern lights, fall colors, wildlife viewing.    

Kwethluk  River.

Late June to  Sept 1   Caribou, bear, wolverine,  moose, and beaver.

Aug 5-13    bears, moose, caribou.

Kisaralik   River.

 Late June to Sept 1



Set up for 18 foot raft.  2 in front 2 in back .


 Two in front one in back 


The Togiak Wildlife was created  for preserving the fish and game within it’s boundaries.  The Ahklun Mountains encompass 80% of the refuge.  Togiak is bounded on the north by Yukon Delta Wildlife Refuge, Bristol Bay bounds it on the south.  To the east it’s boundary is Wood-Tikchik State Park. So this vicinity is very wild and roadless area.


Togiak National Wildlife Refuge is known worldwide for it’s excellent fishing and hunting.   Floating rivers within the boundary is an amazing experience.    The Kanektok is the crown jewel of the Togiak. But we float many rivers within and around the wildlife refuge.  screen-shot-2016-09-14-at-1-39-54-pm

The surrounding  mountains make for stunning scenic float trips and lots adventure.  






The Kanektok is one beautiful river and perhaps the best fishing river in Alaska!