Kongakut River Photography Float Trip



All Alaskan and Russian Rivers can be floated as a photography adventure expedition.   We select rivers that are away from lodges and jet boats, so if you are a fisherman or just looking to explore remote Alaska, you will love all the rivers.

All non float photography trips,  such as northern lights Tours, Africa Birding,  and Africa Photo Safaris,  are run as Beyond Adventure Photography Safaris.    They are not Ouzel Expedition Trips.   

These private trips are run and organized by Brian Montalbo who is an experienced travel photographer and expedition guide with Ouzel, who has vast knowledge traveling to these locations.   We advertise them on our Ouzel Website, as a reward to Clients of Ouzel.      Ouzel clients get discounts on these private trips and can earn free trips.  We appreciate your loyalty.      

Africa trips are run by a licensed, insured, and bonded, safari company.    Brian accompanies you as a private photographer, his service includes,  photography lessons, travel tips, talks about African wildlife, helps with organization,  and  stays with you at all times to help you feel safe.     Brian has travelled to 86 countries in the world and 36 countries in Africa.  For those traveling alone we want you to feel safe, you will will appreciate having him around to carry luggage and anything else that you need to make your trip as enjoyable as possible.