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2017 is Ouzel Expeditions 27th year in Kamchatka Russia.  Ouzel  became the first western guide service to operate in Kamchatka in 1991.  Founders of Ouzel, Paul and Sharon Allred, were originally looking for great salmon runs, but couldn’t keep the gigantic rainbow trout, up to 35 inches, off their hook! No one complained, and the rest is history.

Ouzel introduced catch and release angling to Kamchatka and the use of Russian helicopters to access its beautiful rivers for fly fishing.


 Today Kamchatka is famous for it huge rainbow trout thanks largely to Ouzel’s efforts beginning in 1991.   Ouzel Expeditions still provides pioneering opportunities for clients who want to fish rivers never fished before in Kamchatka. The photo above is of our Russian Guides weighing and measuring the giant Rainbow of the Zhupanova river for a study of why the Rainbows are so large.

With Ouzel Expeditions Ed Exum caught the first  steelhead in Kamchatka by westerners on a 1992 trip.    Yvon Chounaird, (owner of Patagonia clothing company)  caught the second.

To learn more about the first years in Kamchatka with Ouzel,  visit the link below or go to our blog and read the article  “From Russia, With Fish”

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