Kongakut River

June 12-19, 2018.

Minimum 4 people   Maximum 10 people including guides.

Price  $5,900

The Kongakut River is one of Ouzel Expedition’s most remote wilderness float trips.  Considered the “crown jewel” of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, this river is perfect for adventurous souls wanting to get deeper into the Brooks Range to view Alaska’s wildlife, to hike the rugged peaks, and to sit back and enjoy floating the crystal clear water, while experiencing the quiet pristine quality of northern Alaska.   

Click here to see a short video slide show of the Kongakut River in ANWR

Here’s another short movie of a trip on the Kongakut in 2015

Animals you can and probably will see on this trip:

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Ouzel has 25 years experience floating this river.  Our rafts can carry the necessary equipment to handle an expedition in the arctic.   No other company is more prepared for Arctic conditions than Ouzel, we have 41 years of experience floating rivers in Alaska.   


Just getting to the river is a memorable journey in itself. The scenic flight from Fairbanks to Arctic Village and then to the Kongakut by bush plane is spectacular. Flying over the legendary Yukon River and the vast arctic terrain above the Arctic Circle is truly experiencing remote Alaska.  


“Floating through the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge,  was even more amazing than going on safari in Africa.”  

Author of  “Eyes of a Tiger”, 2 star General, and Ouzel client  Arthur Clark


     Fishing for Arctic Char can be excellent.  

Trophy Char.
Trophy Char caught by long time guest Bob Ragans. 

Kongakut River Photography Float Trip
Kongakut River Float Trip

Once on the river,  we take our time, stopping often to look at flowers, hike, view wildlife, identify birds, and learn about the unique arctic ecosystem. With twenty four hours of day light the travel tempo is relaxed.





There are few places in the world where one can float down such a pristine river and see so much wildlife. It’s common to see wolves, bears, caribou, musk ox, and d

Dall sheep. The Porcupine caribou herd 300,000 strong migrates across the Kongakut River, so if we are lucky, we can float through a sea of caribou.

Hiking is world class.  You have a chance to explore,  at every campsite. We stop during the day for ridge hikes that take us up to enjoy exceptional  views for seeing wildlife, flowers and birds!   

Ask about our kayak along option!

Kayaking the Brooks Range

If you want to be more hands on.  You might try kayaking in one of our inflatable SOTAR kayaks.    These are made from the same material as our boats.  They are very stable and can be paddled by anyone with kayaking experience.   

Your gear will be transported down the river in our gear rafts.  

Kayaking the Kongakut


All campsites along the river are located in the mountains of the Brooks Range. Even at our last camp at Caribou Pass we hike to the top of a sloping hill and look down a steep incline look out over Demarcation Bay and sea ice of the Arctic ocea to the north, Canada to the east, Alaska’s Arctic Slope to the south with the winding Kongakut. We are at the top of the world.


Caribou Pass Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.
Caribou Pass Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.