Kids fishing

Over the years we’ve taken many families on the river. It’s a great place to get some quality family time and relax and maybe even get a little fishing in. Kids fishing in Alaska is a great way to get them hooked for life!

Emma McAvoy and her grandpa Lee Perkins, owner of Orvis!
16 year old Charlie Perkins with a nice Sockeye. Charlie was already and expert fly fisherman before he went on this trip.

Jacob Cart an avid fisherman with a King Salmon at age 10.

Molly Perkins with a big one!

Kevin Pugh’s daughter Emerson and a nice Brook Trout!

Guide Bob Shine is rowing Richie Shine, Ely Allred and Robbie Shine down the river. Ah summer in Alaska.

Ouzel Expeditions trips are not just for boys! Here’s longtime guide Kevin Neff fishing with the young ladies.

What a great family vacation a trip in the Alaskan wilderness is!

Jay & Lucas Geary with a nice Silver Salmon. They’ve been with us many time on Alaska fishing trips!


Ralph McAvoy with guide Jeff Farnum.

Buck Geary and his grandson Bob! Quite a wonderful Grandpa and Bob was an excellent fisherman and an excellent joker!

Ashley with a nice Arctic Char!

Kids can learn to fish very well at an early age. Here’s Spencer McAvoy casting away.

Here I am (Paul) with a proud young King Salmon fisherman!



Jacob and Steve Cart! Note the flowers in Steve’s hair and the smile on Jacobs face after putting them there!

Emma McAvoy with her fly caught King Salmon and Ouzel guide Mike Welch.

Perk and Molly Perkins – Guide Todd Hiibner! Pretty proud fly fisherwoman!

Emma & mom Melissa McAvoy. Mothers and daughters are so nice to have on the river!

Tim’s 31 1/2 in Rainbow caught in South America. Here’s a dad who sent in a picture of his son fishing while he was teaching how to fish around his favorite places to fish. Not on an Ouzel trip. Tim’s been to Kamchatka with us once.

Tim “Hoppy,” Werdel’s 8 year old son Cooper fly fishing. He’s using both hands to work his casts!

Cooper Werdel with a Golden Trout he caught.