View of River at Sunset

Kapushka River

The Kapushka is the perfect Kamchatka river for the fly fisherman who loves wading and fishing.  The rainbow average 24 to 26 inches here and are very heavy.  You will spend little time in the raft.  You can wade down the entire river if you please.   The mousing is excellent. It’s amazing how large rainbows can hold in such shallow places. The salmon spawning beds are where they lie. It’s great fun to fish this river. It remains crystal clear even in storms. Below you can see Elaine Taylor caught a 32 1/2 inch Rainbow here in 2015.  We’ve caught many Rainbows over 30 inches here. The views are excellent with mountains surrounding you. The Kapushka River has excellent fishing for Khundza or East Siberian Char and a strong Silver run! 

Below is a movie. Just click on it to open. This movie can show you what it’s like on our trips in Kamchatka!

Float Fishing Kamchatka 2010 with Ouzel Expeditions!

Ouzel – Kamchatka trip schedule runs Monday starting Monday:

July 16-23, July 23-30, July 30 -August 6, Aug 6-13, Aug 13 -20, Aug 20-27 and Aug 27– Sept. 3.

Schedule: Arrive in Anchorage and spend the night.

Monday at 7:30 am depart Anchorage on Yakutia Airlines. Arrive in Petropavlovsk Tuesday four hours later at 8:00 am after crossing the dateline. Get your bags and clear customs. We helicopter to the river and get fishing right away.

Monday: The last day you can fish till the helicopter gets there. As the chopper sets down in our final camp, you will have experienced the trip of a lifetime in Kamchatka! Helicopter back to Petropavlovsk. Your flight home is at 9:30 pm and you arrive 4 hours later back in Anchorage at 5:50 am Monday the same day after crossing the International Date Line.