Kanektok River

Duration: 8 -9 Days

Trip begins and ends in Anchorage.

Price:  $4,750 8 Day trip.

9 Day trip   Ending after Sept 1st.  Add $150

 Departure Dates:

July 6-13

July 15-22              Spots available. 

Aug 27-Sept 4       Trip Full

Aug 31-Sept 8

Sept 4-12                6 spots

Sept 8-16



It’s no secret that this river is arguably one of the best fishing rivers in the world.  The Togiak National Wildlife Refuge closely limits the use of  this river to keep it’s wild and remote experience.  Only a select number of permits are given to commercial outfitters, as well as staggered  departure dates. This is the most highly regulated fishing river in Alaska.  You won’t see very many people here.

July through Mid September is prime fishing for this river.

You may not find a better all around  stream in all the world



The Kanektok, is a crystal clear river, that keeps fisherman challenged and stimulated with changing river conditions, and fishing holes.  Ouzel has many departure dates for this river and know where the best fishing holes are located.

River Bend and Two Rafts

 You won’t be disappointed with the fishing on this river, there is a reason it’s called “the chosen river.”   You might consider this your fishing heaven.

The Kanektok is one beautiful river and perhaps the best fishing river in Alaska!

The river provides excellent spawning habitat for the huge runs of all five species of salmon and Arctic Char, as well as cover for trophy size rainbow trout. It is common for clients to catch all five species of salmon , as well as Arctic Char, rainbow, and grayling all in one trip.