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The word Kamchatka stirs the imagination with thoughts of  bears, volcanos and geysers.  Clients who have gone with Ouzel in Russia never stop talking about flying in helicopters to fish the wonderful rivers, eating great Russian food cooked by Ouzel’s excellent Russian cooks, sitting around the campfires in the evenings, and of course catching some of the biggest rainbow trout in the world! The whole Kamchatka experience is out of this world.

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The Kamchatka Peninsula is about the size of California. It’s a fairly road less area and has one road that goes from the south, north to Petropavlovsk  and north to the Kamchatka River. The Rainbow Trout was first identified in Kamchatka before the United States was established. Kamchatka has cold winters and hot summers. Today it’s world renowned for it’s Rainbow Trout fishing.

Other companies have claimed to be the first American Outfitter in Russia, but Ouzel was the first guide service to take clients to Kamchatka in 1991, we have floated more rivers in Kamchatka than any other company.  If you want to experience a remote Kamchatka fishing or float trip, we know where the best fishing and wildlife viewing can be found. Hands down!!!

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Please give us a call to learn more.   Many of tried to copy our success, few have succeeded.