Ouzel Expeditions pioneered catch and release fly fishing in Kamchatka, Russia.  In 1991, Ouzel originally came to Kamchatka looking for great salmon fishing, but couldn’t keep the large rainbows, off our flies.    No one complained and the rest is history.

Don’t give up on your dream of catching a trophy rainbow. These genetic specimens are a highlight to any fishermen’s trip, and are still caught on a regular basis in Kamchatka.  You can catch all five species of salmon in Kamchatka as well as Arctic Char, Grayling, and Rainbow.   What is unique to Kamchatka is having the chance to catch the rare  Khundza ( East Siberian Char) and a 6th species of salmon  Masu or Cherry Salmon.

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Cherry or Masu Salmon                                                                        East Siberian Char or Khundza

In 2015 we had a trip where  one fisherman caught 5  rainbows over 30 inches in one day on the Zhupanova River.   We can’t promise that kind of  action,  but we will take you to rivers where you can find them.   Maybe your next trip will be just as hot.

All fishing trips us helicopters to transport you to and from the river.    We have floated lots of rivers in Kamchatka so we can take you to a river that matches your interest.    Give us a call and we will tell you all about the rivers.


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