Ouzel Expeditions Trip Brochures 2018

Ouzel Expeditions 2018 information, brochures & rates.

Kamchatka Brochure 2018

KAMCHATKA fishing info 2018

Alaska Brochure

Here are our 2018 prices in Alaska.

Alaska Fishing info 2018

ANWR, Brooks Range trips, Kongakut & Hula Hula Rivers.

Ouzel – Kamchatka trip schedule runs Monday starting Monday: July 16-23, July 23-30, July 30 -August 6, Aug 6-13, Aug 13 -20, Aug 20-27 and Aug 27– Sept. 3.

Schedule: Arrive in Anchorage and spend the night.
Monday at 7:30 am depart Anchorage on Yakutia Airlines. Arrive in Petropavlovsk Tuesday four hours later at 8:00 am after crossing the dateline. Get your bags and clear customs. We helicopter to the river and get fishing right away.
Monday: The last day you can fish till the helicopter gets there. As the chopper sets down in our final camp, you will have experienced the trip of a lifetime in Kamchatka! Helicopter back to Petropavlovsk. Your flight home is at 9:30 pm and you arrive 4 hours later back in Anchorage at 5:50 am Monday the same day after crossing the International Date Line.