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Explore Kamchatka, Russia


Ouzel is offering new trips to Kamchatka for non fisherman.

Choose from one to two week itineraries.

One Week Itinerary

Choose to float a remote river.  This experience is truly unique.  You will visit places rarely visited by the outside world.   We float and set up camp at a different location every night.   We choose rivers that have stunning scenery and great wildlife viewing.

 Aug 14-21 2017

On this departure we have selected to float a river that is great for photography, has a large population of brown bears, and great chance at seeing Steller sea eagles.

4 spots available   (9 max)

 (Float trip only)

1-5  People $6,850

2 week Itinerary

Add on a second week.   After the float trip you spend the next week exploring other parts of Kamchatka.   We have included a list of places you must see while visiting Kamchatka.

14 days

Aug 14- 28

If you book this two week trip, you get to experience Kamchatka, by raft, helicopter, overland vehicle, and ocean boat.  You will be flown straight from the remote float trip to a hot spring where you enjoy soaking for two nights.   Then we return to Petropovlask by vehicle.    The next 5 days are filled with adventure after after adventure, as you fly to Kuril Lake and Valley of the Geysers.

 5 spots Available   (9 Max)  

1-5  people$11,300

 6-9 people $10,650


Wilderness river float, Helicopter flights to Kuril Lake and Valley of the Geysers, Ocean Boat Tour,  City Tour, and Nalychevo Valley

Price include:  First week float trip, all helicopter flights, hotels while in city,   all meals, ocean boat tour,  city tour, guides, translator, and private cook.


Join Ouzel Expeditions on an adventure like no other.  Our 1 week and 2 week itineraries, are put together by our  adventure professionals.     For 27 years Ouzel has  been offering one week float trips to fishermen.  We pioneered many rivers in Kamchatka, with experience floating over 15 rivers.   We now offer two week itineraries, to allow our clients to experience the most beautiful parts of Kamchatka. 

 We give you the choice to travel by helicopter, raft, ocean boat, and overland vehicle, to get transported  deep into the wilderness,  to explore  one of the last unspoiled landscapes on the planet.   Fill your adventure with bear viewing, volcanoes trekking, hot springs, city tours, ocean tours, and rare steller sea eagles.  

This will be an experience you will never forget and one you normally only read about in adventure novels.

 for a brochure.  

 Custom Tours.

Kamchatka is what Alaska was like 200 years ago, and we see more bears on these trips than we do even in Alaska.

List of activities you can add to the itinerary.

Add a wilderness float trip.  

Add helicopter flights to Kuril Lake

Add helicopter flights to Valley of the Geysers

Add volcano trekking.  6 Volcanos in the surrounding area.  

Add multi- day treks.  

 Add   Ocean  tours.

Ask about our two week Itinerary.

Explore Kamchatka


Often times you see bears on the flight to the rivers.   One trip we counted 12 brown bears, running from below our helicopter and have counted over 75 brown bears during the float. The other world famous attraction is the Steller sea eagle. One of the rarest eagles in the world, it is also the heaviest, this is a birders dream experience, to have a stellar sea eagle take off from a branch overhead and fly directly over you. 

stellar sea eagles.

First photograph published of a Stellar Sea Eagle by western Magazine. By Paul Allred.
First photograph published of a Steller sea eagle by western Magazine. By Paul Allred.


Ouzel bear viewing/ Steller Sea Eagle trips will be guided by a professional photographer who will take you to the most photogenic landscapes, get you up close to the bears and eagles, so you can take that amazing photograph. How many people do you know have seen an Asian brown bear or steller sea eagle.

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Our Russian guides are the hardest working guides in Kamchatka. They will put up and take down our movable camps. You will stay in four person tents with thick mats. You will have your own personal chef who cooks you three delicious meals a day. And you will have more beer and vodka than you can drink.

We limit 3 people per raft so plenty of room to photograph from. By trips end you won’t want to head home, but you will be excited to share your photographs and stories with friends and family.

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Kamchatka brown bear
Kamchatka brown bear