Guides-Ouzel Guides in Alaska

Ouzel Expeditions has had many fine and interesting guides in Alaska.



Robert Durnel better know as Durny. Amazing Alaskan guide. Has carried his own weight to the top of Denali leading groups for 10 years. Legendary ski patrol guide at Mt. Alyeska and in Alaska heliskiing history. Very handy guy to have around in a pinch. He has worked for Ouzel for 11 years.

At the end of the trip guides roll up the boats. We work hard for you all the way down the river. Just part of the job. We have done this for a very long time. Here are Dave Prouty, Chase Miller, and Robert Durnell “Durney” are rolling up the rafts at trips end, part of the job, so you don’t have to do it!!!!

Along with Durney you can see Dave Prouty the left. Dave’s been a long time guide for Ouzel. He was on guiding on Ouzel’s trips in Alaska  30  years ago and was on some of our first trips in Alaska like the Aniakchak 30 years ago. He went to Kamchatka in 1992 with us too. Great guy. Retired from HP.

Chase worked for us last summer on the Arolik River. He’s a very nice young man who has decided to make guiding his profession. He’s already guided fishermen in Alaska and is working on getting his Alaska Hunting Guides license. He has been along on several guided hunts in Alaska. Longtime guest Ralph Fisher holds a buck Pink. Ralph told me he thought Chase was great!

Dave Allred my brother who died a few years ago. Wonderful, great and funny guy par excellence. David was a legend amoung our guides. If David was working on a trip, all the guides wanted to go. Didn’t matter where. Funniest person I ever knew.

Ron Zandeman -Zeeman rowing the second boat on the Kanektok in this photo. He worked for us for many years.

New guide and longtime fly tier John Farmer with longtime guest Jim Hine and fresh Arolik River King Salmon.
Here are some flies tied by John Farmer. John is a professional fly tyer way out there in the universe of fly tying.
Sharon Allred my wife with a 28 inch Rainbow caught in Kamchatka on the Savan River 20 years ago. She fished for 30 minutes and caught 3 Rainbow just like this one. Then she went right back to bird watching. Hasn’t dropped her binoculars since. Total birdwatcher. Pretty damn good fly fisher too.
Good old Blake Senderling in a comic moment! He was with us for many years. Always the comic. Always up for some fun and excitement. An adventurer and ski bum, fly fisher, actor and always fun to be with. 25 years plus. Now he’s at a Montana ski resort doing what he does best!
Tommy Moe worked for us for a few years. World class skier. Gold and Silver medal in the Olympics a few years ago.  After that he went on a  few trips with us in Kamchatka with Mike Overcast the owner of Tordillo Mountain Lodge a great heliskiing lodge in Alaska . Here’s Tommy with a nice Rainbow in Kamchatka on the Zhupanova. By the way, some realtor in Montana used this picture to sell real estate in Montana without our permission. Not a particularly big rainbow but a nice shot. Too bad some people have to lie about what they do.
Long time guide Bob Mucha with a Musk Ox scull in the Brooks Range. He did not kill it. It was just laying on the tundra as he was too for the photo. He made many trips for us in Alaska and a few in Kamchatka too. Great Steelheader and one of the nicest guys you will ever meet.
Brandon Poole on the left worked for us for years. He spent many years in Alaska on our rivers here. He spent many years in Kamchatka for us on the rivers there too. Quite an excellent fishing guide and general good guy to hang around with. He always worked hard for the clients to make sure they caught a nice fish and hopefully got a nice picture of themselves with their catch. You should see lots of pictures of Brandon on our website.