Frequent Floating/Fishing Points

Ouzel Expeditions values our customers.   We want you coming back year after year, because we understand that people are happiest doing what they love.   Everyone needs to get away from the grueling work schedule,  the over crowded cities, politics, noise, and other distractions you may have in your life.

With Ouzel,  every trip you go on you collect points that can add up to discounts on other trips.    We offer a variety of travel opportunities with  Beyond Adventure Travels LLC

Beyond Adventure Travels, puts together itineraries that take you beyond your normal guided tour.  They make them authentic, full of adventure, family friendly, and leave you craving more. You truly go Beyond.

If your not a photographer, no sweat,  enjoy your experience knowing a pro is capturing your memories,  so you can share with family and friends later.  Beyond Adventure Travels LLC  saves you time with travel.


Want to plan a  fishing trip to an exotic location, but the family doesn’t fish, and find it hard to get your significant other to allow you to go on a fishing trip by yourself?   Then Beyond Adventure Travels will organize a trip for the family while you are fishing.  Everyone is happy! 

Trips that are perfect for these include.  Kamchatka, Alaska, Cuba, Seychelles,  Bolivia, Belize, and Tanzania.  


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Other travel opportunities with Beyond Adventure Travels include:

Photography workshops

Northern Lights Tours  in  Alaska, Iceland,  Norway/Sweden

Overland adventures  in Alaska

Bird watching

African Safaris  Kenya, Tanzania,  Botswana, Namibia

Exploring Cuba.

When you book a trip with Ouzel, you get 10 percent off  one trip with Beyond Adventure Travels.   Those add up till you can qualify for 50 percent off.   

Ask us more about these trips and points system and how you earn a free trip.

Northern Lights Tours are guided by a professional aurora photographer.   If you haven’t seen the best light show on earth.  Then book your adventure today.   You will never look at the night sky the same way again.


Popular Tour Brochures:









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seychelles photo safari
Seychelles is world renown for great Saltwater Fishing and it’s beautiful beaches.   There is something for everyone on these small beautiful islands.    If your a couple and want to travel together to a place both get to enjoy,  then  Seychelles is perfect.  While one is out fishing, the other can enjoy tropical paradise.  Both meet up later for a drink and amazing sunset.  Seychelles is one of the most beautiful places on earth.


African Safaris are something everyone should experience at least once.   Travel by safari vehicle across the open landscape searching for the big five.   Spotting your first elephant, lion, rhino, or cheetah will leave you with tears in your eyes.   An African safari is a spiritual experience.

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Guided African Safaris in Kenya, Tanzania, Botswana, and Namibia.