Frequent Floating/Fishing Points

Ouzel Expeditions values our customers.   We want you coming back year after year, because we understand that people are happiest doing what they love.   Everyone needs to get away from the grueling work schedule,  the over crowded cities, politics, noise, and other distractions you may have in your life.

Want to plan a  fishing trip to an exotic location, but the family doesn’t fish, and find it hard to get your significant other to allow you to go on a fishing trip by yourself?   

1. The fishing is better on a wilderness float trip because we follow peak Salmon runs across the state. We offer you the best fishing river at it’s peak. We aren’t confined to one geographic area.

2. You have increased fishing time. You couldn’t be any closer to the fishing. We camp at hot fishing holes. At 5 o’clock you don’t have to stop fishing like when you go to a lodge. Many die hard fishers join us for this reason alone!

3. A raft can cross or hold in water that stops a pair of chest waders cold. We can put you on the hot fishing holes, one after another all day long.

4. You can present your hook to a fish in the most effective way from a drifting raft.

5. Our rafts give you a huge range. We go where jet boats and airplanes can’t. We float about 10 miles a day, just the right balance of drift fishing from the boat and wade fishing from the bank. We stop at hole after hole, all day long. It is impossible to just wade the enormous area we cover.

6. Solitude. This quiet way of traveling offers more opportunities for relaxing and seeing wildlife in it’s natural surroundings. Our trips take you on a journey through the most wild and beautiful country in Alaska!

7. The “experience” shared by a group of people on an adventure through remote, breath taking wilderness is something that you will remember forever. Many of our guests re-join their new found friends on other vacations with Ouzel. 70% of our guests each year have been with us previously.

Fishing with Ouzel Expeditions offers you a great advantage to fish the best rivers in Alaska and Kamchatka.