Custom Adventures


Ouzel Expeditions  has experience floating 45 rivers in Alaska and 15 in Russia.    We get excited when clients ask to explore new rivers or come up with new ideas.   We welcome film crews,  research groups,  or adventurous souls wanting to experience a real expedition in Alaska,  Kamchatka,  or Siberia, but need our equipment and experience.

Kamchatka has 2,000 rivers                

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Alaska has 12,000 Rivers


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Call us and let us tell you about options for  float trips to all corners of Alaska, Kamchatka, and Siberia.   Float down rivers that rarely see humans.   Have the chance to see hard to spot animals such as polar bears, musk oxen, wolves,  stellar sea eagles, snow leopards,  and even Siberian tigers.   Our equipment can handle class 5 white water to  slow meandering creeks.   

We await your command.