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Arctic National Wildlife Refuge


HULA HULA  River  




Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is the largest refuge in the United States. It is bounded by the Arctic Ocean on the North, Canada on the East, the National Petroleum Reserve II on the west and covers the Brooks Range to it’s southern borders.

It’s a great place to see wildlife and hike.   We have seen moose, Caribou, wolverine, wolf, polar bear,grizzly bear, musk oz, dall sheep, and fox.  The arctic is great for birding and the spring flowers make the landscape beautiful . 

The Porcupine Caribou Migration makes it’s annual march through ANWR.   One of the amazing experiences is floating through the Brooks range and seeing hundreds of thousands of Caribou.  

 Lead guide Brian Montalbo is a award  winning photographer.  He leads many of these trips and will teach you about photography, wildlife, and Alaska landscapes. 


 “I loved my wildlife experience even more in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, than my Safaris in Africa.”   Author Clark, General in armed forces, and client of Ouzel who has been with us on many trips in Alaska and Russia. 

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We have floated the Kongakut and the Hula Hula Rivers for over 25 years,  but can arrange other float trips, in ANWR as well.     

Our movable camps and gear have been personally designed by us for Arctic conditions.   Our guides will row you down these rivers using  14, 16, and 18 foot rafts, so you can keep your hands free to enjoy taking  photos, soak up the beautiful scenery, and have lots of room.


We recommend trips departing in June or August.   These are normally 9 day trips.   Please visit Kongakut and Hula Hula under the Alaska Menu to learn more.  


These trips are very popular with us.   If you want to experience the ANWR, we recommend booking these trips well in advance.

 Summer 2017

We are planning three ANWR float trips in June.

 Book your seat today!!!

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