American Creek

7 Days $4,800

6 Days $4700

Begins and Ends in King Salmon. Plus airfare to King Salmon $518 approx.

American Creek is a very good fishing river. It has excellent light tackle fly fishing for Rainbow and Char.  We offer this as a 6 or 7 day fishing float trip. From the last week of July on you will see plenty of Brown Bears here.  We politely refer to this time of year as the

“bear run,” and that’s no joke. The bears run up and down the creek chasing after Sockeye Salmon. “The American,” as some call it is located in Katmai National Park. We land on floats on Hammersly Lake after an amazing float plane ride from the village of King Salmon. We fly over Naknek Lake landing on one of the most beautiful lake settings you can imagine.


American Creek is a fly fishing adventure with some hiking on the upper river and wildlife viewing all along the way. This river has it all. Ouzel can guides trips here from mid June through September. We can put fisherman on great rainbow fishing.  When the red salmon start to show up, in the millions, in late July to Naknek Lake, this creek turns into heaven for brown bears, some call them grizzly. It’s easy for the bears to catch these Sockeye here.

We have floated this river for 30 years and have counted an average of 70 brown bears a week.   We see many of them for 4 or 5 different days. We’re not counting the same bear twice. So, it seems like there are literally hundreds of bears here. We have seen more bears here than on any river in Alaska! If you want to see large brown bears in their natural habitat there is no better place in Alaska.

Click here to see a short video slide show of the Rainbow River.

This river has excellent light tackle dry fly fishing for huge Rainbow Trout and Arctic Char. Egg patterns work well after the Sockeye arrive. Smolt patterns work well anytime. Six and seven weight rods are just right for this river. At times it has the best dry fly fishing we’ve ever seen anywhere! Floating lines are all you need here. We’ve caught 30 inch Rainbows here. It really should be called the Rainbow River which is just what we called it for many years.


The American starts out as a shallow, rock dodging river but can be an experience like no other. There are some rapids and one large falls. It can also get too low to run. It can flood too. So, it’s kind of a little unpredictable, like a little child it may go off. But when it’s good it’s really really good.

Wildlife viewing is spectacular. Since it lies inside the protected Katmai National Park and no hunting is allowed you do have a great chance of spotting moose, caribou, and wolves. The animals seem to know about this no hunting. They just look at you. We have seen a wolf chase caribou right through camp. We have seen  foxes chase a wolverine, which is highly unusual! It’s on video in this movie click here if you would like to see it!  One trip we saw 17 Bull Moose.

“I am writing this letter just to thank you for the wonderful time I had with my three sons on the Rainbow River. The fishing was unparalleled with any place that we have visited for fly fishing. The trip preparation including the camp sites and food was outstanding. This was a totally enjoyable experience that ranks at the top of our fishing vacations!” Clare R. VanWieren, D.D.S. Holland, Michigan