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The best way to experience Alaska is getting off the beaten path.   99 percent of tourists who visit Alaska each summer, stay on the road system or ferry system and never get the chance to experience remote wilderness.  

It’s not a secret that the best fishing and the best wildlife viewing is away from the crowds.    Ouzel Expeditions can take you to those locations.   To give you that real Alaskan Experience

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Wildlife Viewing in Alaska is something you will never forget.   The chance to get  up close to large animals is what draws people from around the world.

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We have a wide variety of experience on a multitude of Alaskan rivers.  We have floated over 45 rivers in Alaska.    This selection of rivers,  lets us present to you the right river at the right fishing time or most photogenic.

We have permits to rivers in the following locations:

Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. 

Gate of the Arctic National Park

Lake Clark National Park

Katmai National Park

Togiak National Wildlife Refuge

Aniakchak National Monument



Campsite and Purple Mountains

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Nice Camp Shot at Sunset

Our rafts are perfect for wildlife viewing, birding, photography, large groups, or  groups needs to haul lots of camera equipment.      Guides row you down river while you have your hands free to change lenses, take photos, or just sit back in our comfortable chairs and soak up the  views.



Kongakut River Photography Float Trip
Kongakut River Photography Float Trip


Alaska’s location also provides visitors with the best light show on the planet.  Between  September and lat April,  you have a chance to gaze up and watch color dancing across the night time sky.   We have seen the northern lights on our September fishing trips.


Our gear and camps are personally designed for Alaskan weather and remote river travel.  You can experience remote Alaska knowing you will stay dry and warm if weather goes bad.     Screen shot 2016-03-31 at 2.44.53 PM

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Ouzel has 40 years of river experience in Alaska.   We have floated through typhoons with 100 plus winds in Kamchatka, snow storms in the Arctic,  50 year floods, and   clients still leave with a smile on their face and great story to tell.   As long as you stay warm and dry and let our guides keep you safe, we know you will have a trip of a lifetime.


Kongakut River