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 What Sets Us Apart

41 years experience in Alaska and 28 years in  Kamchatka.

Ouzel Expeditions is a family run business that specializes in authentic remote float- fishing trips in Alaska and Kamchatka.  For 40 years, Ouzel has continued to stagger our trips over many rivers, to minimize our impact on each one, the environment,  as well as find rivers away from noise and away from the crowds.   Our guides use human power to row our clients down the rivers,  we leave campsites the way we found them, we use soap safe for waterways,  we never throw food found harmful to aquatic wildlife into rivers, and we support local communities.

Ouzel has a wide variety of experience on a multitude of Alaskan and Russian Rivers.  We have floated over 45 rivers in Alaska and 15 in Russia.   This selection of rivers,  lets us present to you the right river at the right fishing time or most photogenic.   Year to year, and month to month, salmon runs vary both in their arrival time and numbers, from stream to stream.     Differing snowfalls and summer weather conditions all affect the water quality and thus the fishing.  With this wide selection of rivers, we fly you to the choice fishing in the region.  We move from river to river with our comfortable movable camps,  following the strongest runs of fish.  No other Alaskan company can match our variety.  We are licensed to float in these areas.

Katmai National Park,  Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Aniakchak National Monument and Togiak National Wildlife Refuge


Why is a Ouzel float fishing trip best?

1. The fishing is better on a wilderness float trip because we follow peak Salmon runs across the state. We offer you the best fishing river at it’s peak. We aren’t confined to one geographic area.

2. You have increased fishing time. You couldn’t be any closer to the fishing. We camp at hot fishing holes. At 5 o’clock you don’t have to stop fishing like when you go to a lodge. Many die hard fishers join us for this reason alone!

3. A raft can cross or hold in water that stops a pair of chest waders cold. We can put you on the hot fishing holes, one after another all day long. 

4. You can present your hook to a fish in the most effective way from a drifting raft.

5. Our rafts give you a huge range. We go where jet boats and airplanes can’t. We float about 10 miles a day, just the right balance of drift fishing from the boat and wade fishing from the bank. We stop at hole after hole, all day long. It is impossible to just wade the enormous area we cover.

6. Solitude. This quiet way of traveling offers more opportunities for relaxing and seeing wildlife in it’s natural surroundings. Our trips take you on a journey through the most wild and beautiful country in Alaska and Kamchatka.  Not having the sound of engines allows us to get close to wildlife and birds for that great photograph.

7. The “experience” shared by a group of people on an adventure through remote, breath taking wilderness is something that you will remember forever. Many of our guests re-join their new found friends on other vacations with Ouzel. 70% of our guests each year have been with us previously.

8. Environmental impact.   Ouzel has been quietly pioneering rivers in both Alaska and Russia for 40 years.   Why other companies have copied both our equipment and what we say word for word, while companies have thrown up huge lodges and tent camps on our best fishing rivers, and claim they have exclusive access, we still run a very successful low impact  company, because we have respect for the land and wildlife, and welcome clients  with open arms, who enjoy solitude, adventure, and want to just get away.

Our Movable Camps

We have complete movable camps. Our large KITCHEN TENT affords us shade and shelter. In late September & October it’s heated. We have folding directors chairs with back rests in camp and a dinner table. During the day you can sit in these chairs in the raft. We camp right at great fishing holes. It’s a wonderful way to see the country, wildlife, fish and enjoy the wilderness in comfort. We have portable shower for your use. Each night a toilet is set up outside camp.

Our guides are there to help you get the most out of your vacation. They do the cooking and camp chores. Our oarsmen have experience on white-water as well as calm rivers. They are skilled fishermen and can help you with knots, flies, casting, spinning and where and how to fish. Many of our guests are expert fishers and don’t want much help. Our guides can hike with you so you can photograph and learn about the flora and fauna.

We serve fresh meats and vegetables cooked in dutch ovens on gas stoves and over fires. Sumptuous meals like char broiled steak, spaghetti, fresh broiled salmon, turkey and mexican food are served family style for dinner. Clients always enjoy steak night, cooked over an open fire.  Breakfasts offer a variety of things: pancakes, hashbrowns, omelette, fresh fish, bacon, eggs, coffee and juice. Lunches are sandwiches, chips, candy, warm soup and other goodies.   We serve hors d’oeuvres before dinner, such as crab meat and smoked salmon. Please make special requests one month ahead of time.

Discover why clients who used to be “lodge only,”  fisherman return on our camping trips  year after year,  because they discovered that camping can be comfortable and the fishing ten times better.   By floating rivers away from jet boats, you will be able to fish holes that get less pressure, can travel to rivers where the fishing is peak, and you don’t have to worry about having your float trip ruined because of flooding or murky waters.    We have a list of rivers we can take you to.

Filming for Jim Teeny and his fishing show
Filming in Kamchatka for Jim Teeny and his fishing show on Cabelas Outdoor Channel



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